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Goals and tasks

Forum goals:

The goal of the 9-th Siberian Forum INDUSTRY of INFORMATION SYSTEMS is the support for:

  • development of transregional and international cooperation;
  • promotion of Novosibirsk region to international center of IT competence;
  • development of IT clusters;
  • promotion of products/services/devices from IT companies;
  • solution of key issues concerning development of IT sector in Russia;
  • implementation of large-scale integration projects

Main tasks of forum organizers:

  •  Liaison between IT companies and local authorities;
  •  Liaison between IT companies and state concerns;
  •  Liaison between IT companies and other business companies;
  •  Establishment of a dialogue platform inside professional IT-comunity;
  •  Entry to the international markets of high-tech components and services;
  •  Liaison between IT producers and consumers;
  •  Determining crucial issues, solutions and growing points in the IT industry.

In addition to general goals, all forum participants have the opportunity to achieve their own purposes:

  • Government officials and local authorities can get acquainted with brand-new IT products, determine co-operation directions between public sector and IT companies, find suitable partners for placing orders from federal and local authorities;

  • Representatives of IT companies can find new business partners and projects, both in Russia and abroad;

  • IT experts have the opportunity to discuss face to face, to exchange their own ideas, to show their achievements, and to find prospective partners and personnel.